Core Lore overview

The Casino Heist & “Root”

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Over the course of the late Expansion Era, Blaseball's history was revealed in the library. Fans were surprised when the Readeropen in new window revealed an unseen section entitled "Root" containing two books. While these books were initially entirely redacted, Fans worked to reveal their contents. This included the line "The Pillars were Stacked." League Historian Lōotcratesopen in new window had also referenced the Pillars in Season 15, saying "Memories flood./Overtake the Bridge/Erode the Pillars."

While it remains unknown if these Pillars refer to the Core Mechanics stadium, the line "The Pillars were Stacked" made Fans of the Mechanics wonder if they had been misreading their team's themes. The slogan "We Can Fix This." could be read as fixing games, the Core Mechanic of Blaseball could be understood to be gambling, and the Pillars being stacked could imply the stacking of chips.

While this did lead to a brief existential crisis, the community decided to resolve this by creating an alternate universe where the Core Mechanics are an unlikely group of thieves attempting a heist from a casino instead of playing Blaseball.

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