Season 13

Win/Loss Record: 41-58
Divisional Position: 5th
League Position: 19th

Season 13 Feedbacks

Another legendary pitcher of the Discipline Era was Jaylen Hotdogfingers who, prior to the arrival of Zoey Kirchner, was the best natural pitching roll ever all the way back in Season One. Jaylen had the mod Fliiickeriiing which made her almost guaranteed to swap teams in Feedback weather. She had been on a tour of the Mild league, leaving players displaced in her wake. During a game while on the Hawai’i Fridays, she swapped with Mechanics’ pitcher Lizzy Pasta. A few games later she then Feedbacked for Mindy Kugel on the Seattle Garages (a player who had arrived with the Ohio Worms, and had been swapped for Pitching Machine - a third Discipline Era legend). The Garages were Jaylen’s original team and her return home marked the end of her journey for the moment. In the end, the Fridays were left with Lizzy Pasta and Mindy Kugel became a fixture on the Mechanics.

Season 13 Incinerations

During their first season of play, the Mechanics lost two players to Rogue Umpires. Seasons 12 and 13 had the highest rates of Incineration in the Expansion Era and the Mechanics wouldn't see any more deaths. The first to go was Hands Scoresburg on Day 30. Hands was a three-star batter with a promising career ahead of them. Hands was replaced by equally competent three-star batter, Jasper Blather, who would be Revoked from the team at the end of the season. On Day 78 we lost early fan-favourite and statistical anomaly,Ruffian Applesauce. Despite having only one batting star and a lot of promise as a pitcher, Ruffian had a habit of knocking it out the park with Home Runs (in fact, hitting the first Mechs’ dinger ever). They were replaced by Adelaide Judochop. Both players are still missed, especially Ruffian. (See: Mechmento Mori)

Construction of the Core Pillar Center

During the Season 13 Latesiesta, the Mechanics constructed their stadium - the Core Pillar Center - using the Hillcrest prefab. This meant that it had a very low viscosity (making it easy to run the bases) and a high fortitude (reducing the likelihood of weather events). The stadium is known colloquially as “The Pillars”.

Jasper Blather Revoked

During the Season 13 Elections, the team voted to Revoke their then best batter Jasper Blather (who had benefited from Parties during the Lateseason). Jasper was removed from the roster and gained the Modification Roamin', meaning that they now have a chance to change teams at the end of every season. Fans jokingly used the slogan “Woe, Rock Be Upon Ye”, both in reference to a meme and the most common fan-interpretation of Jasper as a literal rock with googly eyes and a jersey draped over them.

Shirai Traded to the Mechanics

While PolkaDot Patterson had not begun their career on the Moist Talkers, they had spent most of it on that team, and they were the team whom the Mechanics took PolkaDot from in the Season 12 election.

The Moist Talkers had, during the Discipline Era, decided to trust in the Entity known as the Hall Monitoropen in new window (who they call their ‘Moist God’ due to its squid-like appearance) and had offered it a then-shelled PolkaDot. The Monitor had proceeded to free Dot from their shell, making them the first Squiddish player and cementing the relationship between the team and the entity.

At the end of Season 13, the Talkers voted to Plunder PolkaDot. They sent back Shirai McElroy, a player who they had just freed from their Shadows due to her strong pitching. Shirai would go on to become a permanent fixture on the Mechanics, as part of Pitch Perfect and as an occasional stand-in batter when the need arose.

Evelton McBlase II (Eve) Roams to the Team

The Baltimore Crabs also revoked a player in Season 13, sending Evelton McBlase II (now known as Eve) out into the world due to their sub-par stat distribution. Eve joined the Mechanics’ lineup and, despite an initially frosty reception, worked their way into the hearts of the Mechanics. They stayed for four seasons and, on their final season took two of three initial item drops, partied twice, and left as soon as we decided we might want them to stick around.