Season 15

Win/Loss Record: 46-53
Divisional Position: 4th
League Position: 15th
Postseason Progress: Lost to the Kansas City Breath Mints in the Wild Card Round

Jasper Ji-Eun

Jasper Ji-Eun set an early record for the Mechs, batting in 11 runs in a single game with two grand slams on the same day on S15 Day 13. This is one of the highest single game RBIs any player has managed without augments from weather or modifiers.

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Mild Card

Season 15 also saw the Mechs make their first ILB playoff appearance after being randomly selected from the non-qualifying teams via the Mild Card. Their first series was against the Kansas City Breath Mints who handily swept them from contention. The entire ILB was invited to watch, with teams like the Hades Tigers modifying their own chants to cheer the newcomers on. While it obviously didn't end in a championship, it was an early portent of the team that was en route to be one of the Expansion Era’s most dominant contenders.

Unboxing the Fox

Batter Foxy Pebble was retrieved from the Core Mechanics shadows during the Season 15 Elections and became an excellent baserunner in the foundation of the team, easily boosting up a lackluster batting core and allowing the Mechs to not only prevent runs but to make them as well, even if it was slow and steady. This was one of the first coordinated Will efforts along with the previous season’s Jolene Infusion.

During the Season 15 Elections, the team retrieved a promising batting prospect from their Shadows. The plan was to infuse vix. However, due to the shift in Wills which changed Infuse into Transfuse endangering vix baserunning ability and the fact that, while Foxy had the potential to be great, vi wasn’t quite the star the team hoped vix would become unless buffed up, the lineup remained fairly weak. Unbox the Fox was a coordinated will and showcased the strength of the Mechs’ developing strategy engine.

Pitch Perfect

As a result of winning the Sky’s The Limit blessing during the Season 15 Elections and shadowing Torus McGhee, the Mechs had the league's pitching at the time, all of which had the same unique modifier that was previewed the season before. This gained the Rotation team the nickname of “Pitch Perfect” because of their absurdly strong pitching. At the time, it was a five-star average team pitching across the team.

Maximalist and Mention of “The Pillars”

MAXIMUM Core Mechanics Logo

This season would see the widest spread of blessings the Mechs would win in the Expansion Era. Two minor stat blessings, and one major modifier blessing, punctuated by a surprise statement by the newly inaugurated League Historian, Lōotcratesopen in new window.

“Memories Flood
Overtake The Bridge
Erode The Pillars”

It’s unknown if these Pillars are the same as the Core Pillar Center, the ballpark of the Mechanics.

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