Season 16

Win/Loss Record: 54-45
Divisional Position: 2nd
League Position: 5th
Postseason Progress: Lost to the Dallas Steak in the Mild League Championship Series


Jolene Willowtree would pitch the ILB’s longest ever game by raw inning count, On Season 16, Day 36, at a natural record of 28 inningsopen in new window, a spillover of 19 extra innings without scoring. The game itself saw little to no scoring at an unfortunate loss of 4-2 against the Hawai’i Fridays and saw a record 9 whole consecutive innings with no runners on base of any kind by both teams. This would only be beat by the Semi-Centennial by 1 inning, which was planned to occur that season at 50 innings. This earned Jolene one of many nicknames, Jolene Spillowtree, and would eventually go on to be her fan-decided jersey number; 28.

The Semi-Centennialopen in new window beat the 28 Inning record by 1, though as it was meant to go for 50 innings and was arguably not an ILB match it is debatable if Jolene’s record still stands or not.

Introducing the Pillars Scoreboard Operators

You can watch MAXIMUM HYPE walkup sequences for Jolene Willowtree and other former and current Mechs players at the Pillars Scoreboard Operators Twitter Account!open in new window


The Core Mechanics would see their first natural playoff appearance and would be beat out by the team that would eventually become the Champions that season, the Dallas Steaks. In this playoff run, they would end the two-season streak of the Canada Moist Talkers, proving that they had the star power to win the season, even with lackluster batting solely for their extremely good pitching core and consistent players on-base.

Season 16 would see the Mechanics qualify for their first playoff appearance. After ending the two-season winning streak of the Canada Moist Talkers, they lost to the Dallas Steaks who would go on to become Champions. It was a sign that stellar pitching could make up for lackluster batting, so long as they could get a few players on-base.

Zoey/Alto Swap

At the end of Season 16, the league was shaken to its Core. Icon of the Discipline era, one of Blaseball’s first great pitchers, PolkaDot Patterson was Alternated. Their alternate - who would soon be dubbed Alt Dot or Alto - arrived with none of the pitching skill of their predecessor but the potential to someday become a skilled batter. That was, however, of little comfort to the Mechanics who had voted to Plunder Patterson. The pitcher who was sent in exchange was none other than Mechs' star pitcher Zoey Kirchner. Zoey had too many stars and Alto had too few, meaning that there was no simple way to reverse the trade via an Equivalent Exchange and none of the players who could be traded were people the team was willing to give up.

AAA Blood

AAA Blood was a hotly contested blessing for two teams, the Mechanics and the New York Millenials. After an intense Propaganda war that saw the creation of over 200 unique pieces of propaganda by the Mechs and an All-In blessing push by both teams, the Blessing was gained by the Dallas Steaks at a 0% wimdy (a term used to refer to unlikely election results), leaving both teams dry and left with only memories of the journey to get there.

A lot of Season 16 saw two teams engage in a no holds barred all out propaganda duel. The Core Mechanics and the New York Millenials both decided that they desperately needed the Power Chaaarge Blessing, which would give every player on a team AAA Blood, which in turn had an as yet unknown ability tied to it. The Mechanics alone created 200 unique pieces of propaganda and both teams went all-in on pushing for the Blessing. However, in a shocking plot twist the Dallas Steaks would go on to steal it from under them at a 0% wimdy (a term used to refer to <1% probability election results), leaving both teams high and dry. And we’ve been friends ever since!