Season 17

Win/Loss Record: 26-73
Divisional Position: 6th
League Position: 24th

Day 3 Reverb

A game in Reverb Weather saw the Core Mechanics rotation moved from optimal placing, shifting Bottles Suljak and Mindy Kugel via a short-lived (read: over in one game action) dip into pitching by Kelvin Drumsolo, putting another hole in the Mechanics pitching lineup and worsening an already lackluster batting lineup. In an already bad start to a season, this was kicking the Mechs while they were on the ground.

The Fax Machine

On Day 72 of season 17, the Core Mechanics installed the Stadium Removation “Fax Machine” into The Pillars. This would allow relief pitchers to enter the game if the active pitcher gave up 10 runs in a Home Game. This Renovation would give the Mechanics time to rebuild their Pitching core by letting the players with far fewer stars shove themselves into the fax and bringing the stronger players out without use of wills like Move or Swap, combined with an automatic buff for the pitcher entering the shadows. Players like Cravel Gesundheit and Kofi Gildehaus entered play briefly due to said Fax Exchanges.

Jaylen Hotdogfingers World Tour

In the last season before the Garages reformed Jaylen’s Fliiickerrriiing modifier, fans of the Core Mechanics feared they would lose another member of Pitch Perfect in a game against the Yellowstone magic. In a surprise turn of events, recently faxed pitcher Cravel Gesundheit was traded for Jaylen and miraculously, Pitch Perfect was spared another blow by the Sim.

Party Leaders

Party Gearball Emote

The Core Mechanics lost the most the fastest in Season 17, getting the lowest overall standings that season and becoming the Hosts for the Party Time Celebration, gaining the Maincord :partygearball: emote and celebrating in ALL CAPS in the Maincord party lounge. The party favor the Mechanics brought were customized gearballs in the colors of all the other ILB teams.