Season 18

Win/Loss Record: 59-40
Divisional Position: 2nd
League Position: 7th
Postseason Progress: 🎉 INTERNET SERIES CHAMPIONS 🎉

Kelvin Andante and Fax Evasion

The start of Early-Midseason on Season 18 was punctuated by one Kelvin Andante, who was brought out as an Emergency Foreshadow in the Season 18 Elections to preempt unwanted Feedbacks in the wake of Jaylens World Tour. Anticipating that Kelvin would quickly re-enter the shadows, fans were mortified positively when Andante managed to avoid the fax for most of the season, creating one of the most hilarious moments of struggling in Mechanics’ history; so much so they invited other teams over as if it was a holiday whenever it was Andante’s turn to pitch. Andante was finally faxed out on Day 84 of the regular season, with Andante’s earlier wins just barely squeezing them into the playoffs.

Twin Feedbacks

San Francisco Lovers and Hawai’i Fridays would see two exchanges happen for the Core Mechanics, Two separate feedbacks for two Fan-Favorite Mechs that would introduce two decent batters to the Mechs lineup, Foxy Pebble for Cannonball Sports, and their best batter Lady Matsuyama for Fridays original Christian Combs.

Spears Taylor’s Fateful Sippy

Maintenance Mode GIF by ZweiHawke

Up to this point, the Core Mechanics had never seen a non-intentional stat loss that was enough to proc their Evolution Modifier “Maintenance Mode” after a Blooddrain by Spears Taylor on Gia Holbrook’s pitching ability. This gave the team an early Fourth Out, and allowed a huge at-bat advantage against the veteran Hawai’i Fridays, causing them to ultimately win the series and advance through this unexpected playoff run.

Retelling of Icarus & Championship Win 1

The beginning to Season 18 was punctuated by harsh review and criticism by all involved. BNN described Season 17 as a “Retelling of Icarus”, A few folks rated the Core Mechanics number 24 on their seasonal Tier Lists. What the league couldn't have seen was a Finals against the Boston Flowers, ending 3-2 in a Climactic game with Jolene Willowtree on the Mound for the final game, ending the series with a game-winning 3-1 score, and allowing the Core Mechanics their first truly earned championship and allowing the Mechs to host their first Parade. An iconic season that really proves the Mechs can fix anything, even at their lowest.

Jaylen/Kranch Exchange

At the end of season 18, famous pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers and Flowers batter Allan Kranch were exchanged. This move forced the now cured Discipline-era legend to start batting for the first time, while the Mechanics gained a new, decent batting prospect to be Faxed into the shadows for future use. This would be the Catalyst for Re-uniting Pitch Perfect.

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