Season 19

Win/Loss Record: 52-47
Divisional Position: 4th
League Position: 10th

The Drumsolo

Kelvin Drumsolo hits a Triple!Kelvin Drumsolo scores! Kelvin Drumsolo scores! Kelvin Drumsolo scores! 3 Runs Scored!

During Season 19, Flooding weather went Berserk on the team’s Lineup, sending batters Elsewhere one by one until initially only Gia Holbrook was left, before Kelvin came back, Gia was flooded and Kelvin was left alone on the Lineup for a solid 6 days before anyone arrived, having the most runs batted in in a single inning at 8, and getting a Triple on day 69, scoring zirself in 3 times as a result of the ILB’s low Lineup player duplication.