Season 20

Win/Loss Record: 67-32
Divisional Position: 2nd
League Position: 6th

Shell-vin Drumsolo

Example of Kelvin Drumsolo dunking while SHELLED

In a Peanut weather game on Season 20, Day 24open in new window, Mechs batter Kelvin Drumsolo was trapped in a giant peanut shell by then Dallas Steaks batter Jessica Telephoneopen in new window. After initial dismay, curious things started to happen: While SHELLED players being able to field balls was a well-documented phenomenon, Kelvin's shell began trying to score alley oops as a result of the Pillars' Hoops modification installed in the previous season, and actually score on multiple occasions! Onlookers have been quoted to describe the strange phenomenon as "inspiring, and also hilarious".

Kelvin would remain in zir shell for the rest of the Season, only being un-shelled on Day 2 of Season 21.

Unbirdsopen in new window

After the introduction of Balloons to every stadium, there is an effect that if the opposing away team makes a home run, a balloon will pop and scare away birds from the stadium. Most teams were positive on balloons, however not every team had a Bird-related modifier attached where they could attract birds. This led to a phenomenon among the Core Mechanics where, when finally able to be shown, the amount of birds in the Core Pillar Center reached a negative number.


The Core Mechanics are no stranger to games with odd statistical anomalies. The introduction of the “Shame Phase” wherein the players have to play the rest of the inning in shame allowed for a moment where in the Mechanics extended the shame period into extra innings by tying up the score, and then placing themselves back into shame by losing in the same breadth. This game occurred on Season 20, Day 90. There have since been two other instances, with another appearing on the Mechanics.

Reblase log of the gameopen in new window

The Winnie Hess Game

During a Playoff series versus the Breath mints, on Season 20, Day 107, the game ends up scoreless during all but the very last inning, in which Winnie Hess added on to their bloated star count by draining Gia Holbrook’s pitching. As anyone who knows how a Core Mechanics game goes, this was a terrible idea. Maintenance Mode activated on the last inning of the game, allowing a sacrifice play on the fourth out and ending the game 2-1 at the very last moment possible.

Watch the dramatic last inning here!open in new window

Win(Win) Championship 2

After having a season with plenty of wild weather effects, the Shelled Kelvin Drumsolo and a three-batter spread consisting of Adelaide Judochop, Gia Holbrook, and Cannonball Sports won a fateful series against the Houston Spies, even with use of the Item Mod, Underhanded, which had made home runs versus Underhanded pitchers score negative Runs. The game ended with a high scoring rally from the batting core with the now Underhanded Mindy Kugel, ending 8-4 in the Mechanics' favor and handing the Mechs their first Overbracket championship win, with the final run of the season slam-dunked in by a Shelled Kelvin Drumsolo.

The Zo-Yo

During the already chaotic events of Season 20, the fanbase came up with a plan to do something that has never been tried before: "Trade" back for a beloved player without losing anyone in return.

The S20 Election Fax!

In a spot of unprecedented risk and coordination, the Core Mechanics made a friendly bid at the permission of the Dallas Steaks to obtain Zoey Kirchner at the cost of shortening the Steaks Rotation on success and stranding another player on failure. The Core Mechanics used similar star-count player Shirai McElroy to exchange to get the player onto the Mechs roster, using the Move Will to drag Shirai McElroy back onto the team after the exchange. Five million votes and the plan went off without a hitch, now re-uniting the last member of the Mechs original pitching core.