Season 23

Win/Loss Record: 34-65
Divisional Position: 6th
League Position: 24th
Postseason Progress: Un...Lost? to the Yellowstone Magic in the Mild League Underchampionship Series

Mindy’s Baserunning

Mindy Kugel’s average batting stats after partying due to Adelaide Judochop’s subtractor gained enough overall stat capacity in batting to reliably get on base after a bugged stat adjustment. More interestingly however, the Baserunning of Mindy was altered to compliment her dual Underhanded/Blaserunning item, allowing her to speed her way across bases without getting caught and drastically increasing her RBI.

Stable Semi-Centennial

The only remaining Core Mechanics player that had ego or legendary at the time of the Semi-Centennial was Adelaide Judochop. Adelaide was placed on the Rising Stars and was notable for letting the Vault Legends loop and activate the now ratified stadium renovation; stables. In pitching, Addie let up a magnified 3-run play to bring the score to 25, stabling two unstable players including the Legendary Chorby Soul.