Season 24

Win/Loss Record: 45-53 (... wait, only 98 Games?)
Divisional Position: 7th in what is this even, the Desert Division?
League Position: The league has been nullified 😔
Postseason Progress: ... how does this affect the postseason even

Equal and opposite RBI

Addie and Mindy almost batted in the same amount of runs, in opposite directions

At the end of Season 24, Mindy Kugel’s positive and consistent on-base shenanigans and Adelaide Judochop’s extremely consistent bat-in plays led at the end of the season for both players to have a nearly equal but opposite RBI due to subtractor. They ended the season with only a difference of around 8 RBI if both values were positive.

Redactions of Bees and Combs

Due to the resurrection of former Atlantis Georgias player, Niq Nyong’o, the roster players, Christian Combs and Bees Taswell, were Observed and then Redacted in Coffee weather, bringing the mechanics lineup to the size of their current pitching rotation. Bees has become an Attractor, but have not come back onto a team from the secret base. Combs has yet to become an Attractor.

Shutouts > Wins

Jolene threw 12 shutouts over the course of Season 24...

Jolene Willowtree gained 3 consecutive parties in season 23, bringing her star count to 8 pitching stars, and with items giving Jolene one of the first players to reach 2 in a specified pitching stat. This resulted in a quick couple of games wherein Jolene would allow no runs whatsoever. However with Subtractor on the team, Jolene would have the unfortunate experience of a Shutout loss, losing the game because of negative runs scored on their team, leaving the season with 12 shutouts, and 11 shutout wins.

... but only won 11 Games

Desert Bus for Wrath

In an act of defiant rebellion, the Commissioner of the ILB gave teams the option to pilot themselves across the depth chart. After much deliberation, the Mechanics chose to aim for the Desert, becoming scattered at the corner of the map and Charging the Mound in the “Sutton Bishop Unmemorial Fun Run” to silence the Boss, being the third to reach the base corner and the mound to scatter her speech.

Final Fate

After the presumed death of the Boss, Black Hole(Black Hole) started swallowing the depth chart, and as the Mechanics retreated to the corner of the desert, on day 99, all teams involved in the Desert Bus for Wrath met together in the corner and met their collective end at the hands of the well of gravity, becoming Nullified. However, the modifier they gained at the beginning of the season, Under Review brought the Mechanics back from Elsewhere.