Adelaide Judochop (She/Her)

Adelaide Judochop by WiresAndLight

Adelaide “Addie” Judochop joined the Core Mechanics on Season 13, Day 79open in new window, after the incineration of Ruffian Applesauce as a batter.

In Lore, Adelaide is a Toku hero who often takes an Alter Ego when up to bat. Adelaide herself is up to the mound when pitching or fielding, and Captain Judochop is up to bat when batting. Her suit changes based on her mood and current condition, Blank and colorless after the excursion in Elsewhere, and Purple and Pink in her current Subtractor mode. Adelaide wields the Blattlizer Neo, a modified version of the Blattlizer Prime - a cursed relic from the discipline era. Addie had a tragic relationship with replica Cote Loveless III.

In Strategy, Adelaide is what is usually described as a ‘small-ball’ player - someone who hits a lot of doubles and singles but rarely hits home runs. She has the highest defense on the active lineup. She is also magnified, meaning that her Runs are doubled. However, she also has the "Subtractor" modifier which means that Runs that she bats in (also known as "RBI") are converted to Unruns (Negative Runs). While this is somewhat counteracted by her small-ball style, her RBI managed to almost completely counteract the RBI of Mindy Kugel, who had one of the highest RBI in the league.

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