Blaseball Weathers

Active Weathers (As of Short Circuit 2)

IconNameIn-Game DescriptionNotes
Solar EclipseA chance of incinerations.Incineratesopen in new window players, removing that player from the team to be replaced by a new one.
PeanutsTraces of salt and honey...1) Chance for an allergic reaction on a player with a peanut allergy, reducing stats (-10% on a regular reaction, ~ -99% on a superallergic reaction)
2) Shells a player, given the right conditions.
FeedbackA chance of player swaps between teams.Can swap players of the same position (Lineup or Rotation) between Teams playing under this weather.
ReverbA chance of roster shuffles.Can either randomize your Lineup or Rotation order, OR moves "several players" between positions, potentially leading to Batters stuck as pitchers or vice versa.
NightDeep dark.Can swap an active Player with a player from that team's Shadows Roster, greatly buffing the latter player "clocking in" onto the active Roster.
FloodingAn Accident.Sweeps runners off Bases or even to a place called "Elsewhere...", rendering them incapable of playing until returning from there.
SnowWINTER STORM WARNINGFreezes players, taking them out of play for the rest of the game. Also has a chance to "modify" players stats, granting them very buffs or debuffs.

Currently Inactive Weathers

IconNameIn-Game DescriptionNotes
BirdsBirds infest the field. Shelled players may be pecked free by the birds.May also interact with a number of Team and Player mods (eg. Bird Seed, Friend of Crows)
BlooddrainA chance of transfusions between players.Players may steal stats from one of the 4 Main categories from other Players.
CoffeePlayers may get Wired or Tired.Wired players score 0.5 additional Runs on scoring plays, while Tired Players score 0.5 Runs less.
Coffee 2Players may get Free Refills.Players with Free Refill delete one Out from their team's count when batted in (also called "Refilling the In")
Coffee 3sPitchers will become Triple Threats.Pitchers with Triple Threat score 0.3 Unruns for the opposing team whenever they strike out a player when one of these three conditions are fulfilled: a) There are three Balls in the count, b) A runner is on Third Base, c) A total of three Runners are on base. A pitcher has a chance to lose Triple Threat after the third inning of each game they play.
Sun 2When a team collects 10 Runs, Sun 2 will collect the Runs, and set a Win upon that team.Adds a Win to the Win total of the Team activating the Effect.
Black HoleWhen a Team collects 10 Runs, Black Hole will swallow the Runs and burp at the opposing Team.Subtracts a Win off the Win total of the Team opposing the one activating the Effect.
SalmonSalmon have been known to swim Upstream.Can cause Salmons to "swim upstream", undoing the previous inning and all Runs scored during that time. Also has a chance of repairing a random Item beloning to a player in that game.
Jazzlouie-ooie-la-la-la; shoo-doo-shoo-bee-ooo-bee.Switches to a random active or stadium-boosted weather at game start.

"Plot" Weathers

Note: These Weathers were introduced as a part of the Expansion Era Storyline and are unlikely to reappear in the future.

IconNameIn-Game DescriptionNotes
GlitterA chance of sparkles.Chance to give a random player an Item.
Polarity +Numbers go up.Has a chance to "flip" and activate Polarity- Weather at any time.
Polarity -Numbers go down.All runs scored become Unruns (are multiplied by -1). Has a chance to "flip" and activate Polarity+ Weather at any time.
Sun .1Each Run scored is worth .1 more per Inning.
Sum SunEach successive scoring play in a half inning is worth an additional Run.
Supernova EclipseSee Solar Eclipse Weather, but can also incinerate Teams.
Black Hole (Black Hole)Similar to Sun 2 and Blyck Hole Weathers, but "nullifies" either a Rule, a Stadium Mod, an Item or a Team (only known instance being the Philly Pies), effectivly removing them from the Game entirely.