Season 22

Win/Loss Record: 55-44
Divisional Position: 3rd
League Position: 11th

The Phantom Thieves' Guild

As part of this seasons' round of Stadium Renovations, the Core Mechanics build a Phantom Thieves' Guild, which immediately got ratified for the entire league. Much to the horror of everyone, the Phantom Thieves' Guilds started stealing opposing teams Shadows Items and even Players after losing a home game by 9 runs or more.

The most notable heist of the Pillars' Phantom Thieves Guild is the acquisition of original Dallas Steaks Shadows player Izuki Clark on Season 23, Day 43open in new window after a 1 - -8 home loss to the Steaks.

On Season 24, Day 50open in new window the Phantom Thieves' Guild got nullified by the Mechanics' very own Mindy Kugel en route to a 2 - 2.8 win over the Yellowstone Magic.

Replica Army

In a bid to protect the team at the end of the election period, the Core Mechanics would use the Gift Shop to purchase as many replicas as possible to fill spots on the team to avoid Alternation. The Mechanics ended up with four separate replicas, Uncle Plasma VIII, Liquid Friend VIII, Valentine Games II, and the as of then unknown, Cote Loveless III. Fans would grow attached to the Cote Loveless replica most of all, being a batter that complimented their core strategy and a mystery player-wise to the Core Mechanics.

Addie Gains Subtractor

After a mass-modifier avoidance blessing, Adelaide Judochop gained the mod subtractor, a modifier that causes runs batted in by Addie to become unruns, making any play that would happen to be made by Adelaide with a permanent negative amount of runs in each game. Fanlore speculated it was because of the loss of Cote Loveless III, the replica bought at the beginning of last season’s Latesiesta turning to dust after a powerful but short-lasting relationship.

Torus Gets Pulled

The Gachapon blessing pulled fan-favorite bench player and early Mechanics mentor/mascot Torus McGhee onto the Garages shadows, being one of 23 separate players pulled from every team’s shadows by a hostile blessing on Season 22’s spread.