Bees Taswell (They/Them)

Bees Taswell /w Wedding Bat by Wires

Bees Taswell joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 as a batter. On Season 24 Day 24 they were beaned by Niq Nyong’oopen in new window of the Philly Pies and redacted the same day.

In Lore, Bees Taswell is a sentient hivemind of nanobees. Bees and their beeloved Inez Owens of the Boston Flowers both communicate through dance. The swarms were wed in ceremony following Season 14.

In Strategy, Bees Taswell was a not-so great batter who had a redemption arc after being shadow infused in the Season 22 elections. They came out to play and began constantly hitting “Stingers” aka homeruns.

We would like them back.

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