Bottles Suljak (They/Them)

Bottles Suljak joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 as a batter. Bottles retreated to the Shadows on Season 17 Day 74 in exchange for Cravel Gesundheit through the Fax Machine.

Bottles Suljak is usually portrayed as the go-to fixer of the Core. They specialize in glass blowing and even built their own body out of glass. Bottles is engaged to Lady Matsuyama, currently on the Fridays. Bottles manages the S.H.A.D.O.W.S. Core organization as well as running the Smithy.

Bottles Suljak was a reliable batter but was shadowed after being stranded in the team’s rotation when they reverbed with Mindy Kugel via Kelvin Drumsolo on Season 17 Day 3. They are a solid backup batting candidate.

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