Christian Combs (He/They)

Christian Combs joined the Core Mechanics on Season 17, Day 37, after feedbacking with the Hawai’i Fridays in exchange for Lady Matsuyama. On Season 24 Day 24 they were beaned by Niq Nyong’oopen in new window of the Philly Pies and got redacted on Day 26.

In Lore, Christian Combs is an old pirate skeleton hosting a comb jelly colony.

In Strategy, Christian Combs was a batter who synergized well with Cannonball Sports. The pair were often called the “Cannon Crew” and were consistent scorers. Christian was a sign to the team that it was possible to overcome the unoptimized statline many of our batters received after being alternated, as he continued to perform well in subsequent seasons.

We would also like them back.

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