Gia Holbrook (She/It) Gia Holbrook Mini by Zweihawke

Gia Holbrook Tlopps Card by Wires

Gia Holbrook joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 as a batter.

In Lore, Gia Holbrook is a helpful and friendly AI who likes pulling pranks usually by making use of her unique ability to shift between bodies. Most of the time, she inhabits an android body with CRT monitor for a head, typically displaying her friendly face. She’s also known to inhabit curious forms, most famously as a blender. In the Core, she helps new visitors explore their interests.

In Strategy, Gia Holbrook was a strong consistent batter who became a decent pitcher instead after her alternation during the Season 21 Elections, though a lot of her pitching skill relies on an Item which could potentially break.

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