Ilane Snart (No Pronouns)

Ilane Snart joined the Core Mechanics in Season 20 in the Shadows as a playoff birth. During the Season 22 Elections, Ilane joined the active roster as a pitcher in exchange for Jolene Willowtree. On Season 23, Day 15, Ilane retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Augusto Reddick through the Fax Machine.

Ilane Snart is a snake scientist with an endless hunger for knowledge. Dr. Snart will stop at nothing to further the bounds of scientific discovery. Snart runs an academy of higher learning called the Anaconda-cademy.

Strategically, Ilane Snart is a pitcher who was brought out on a 1% chance wimdy. While it gave the community a chance to create lore for Snart, Ilane now remains in the Shadows.

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