Jolene Willowtree (She/He) Jolene Willowtree Mini by Zweihawke

Jolene “Jo” Willowtree joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 as a pitcher.

In Lore, Jolene Willowtree is a quiet, stoic friend to the Mechanics. She holds a shard of the original Sun 1 and protects it within her chest, growing large plants out of her torso. Her outward demeanor is intimidating but has a quiet, loving relationship off the field, often inviting teammates in for tea and conversation and will frequently ask about hobbies and projects. Had a rivalry with Tot Foxopen in new window of the San Francisco Lovers though as of Season 24, this is no longer the case due to Jolene saving Tot multiple times from consumers.

In Strategy, Jolene Willowtree plays leagues above her stars, which is impressive considering that he is one of the highest starred pitchers/players in the ILB. Her playstyle is defined by ruthless strikeouts and never giving batters the chance to swing. He would rather draw games out by raw Inning count than lose and currently holds the record for the longest game by Innings at 28. She also has the Maximalist mod and is one of 4 original Pitch Perfect members.

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