Kelvin Drumsolo (Ze/Zir)Kelvin Drumsolo Mini by Zweihawke

Kelvin Drumsolo joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 as a batter.

In Lore, Kelvin Drumsolo is a (literally) fire-haired drummer with a taste for chaos and shenanigans. Ze’s a ‘little bother’ figure to the rest of the team, but is also a constant presence and the longest serving member of the Mechanics. Ze uses a multilegged mobility device with attached drumkit and is usually interpreted as either non or partially ambulatory. Ze is both in a band with and repeatedly married-to-and-divorced-from Mechs shadow player Kelvin Andante. Drumsolo gained leaguewide notoriety following ‘The Drumsolo’, when ze was the only active player on the team and managed to massive outperform zir stars. Ze is also the ‘most cured’ player in the ILB, having been initially allergic to peanuts, then trapped in a giant peanut shell by Jessica Telephone, then cured of zir peanut allergy while trapped, emerging from being SHELLED with a superallergy to peanuts, being "cured" once again to a have a regular peanut allergy, then had that allergy cured.

In Strategy, Kelvin Drumsolo is a theoretically solid batter and baserunner, but has a history of performing oddly. For most of the Core Mechanics’ history, ze was the second-worst batter on the team and managed to remain number two on the things to fix list up until season 21 when ze was shadowed by a rare Playoff Voicemail for exactly two games, being infused in the meantime and reappear from the shadows after the first game of Season 22, only to continue to underwhelm. After some readjustment time ze is a stable fixture in the Mechanics Lineup, currently batting in the middle of the battle of opposite RBI between Mindy Kugel and Adelaide Judochop.

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