Kofi Gildehaus (They/Any)

Kofi Gildehaus joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 in the Shadows. On Season 17 Day 88, Kofi joined the active roster as a pitcher in exchange for PolkaDot Patterson through the Fax Machine. During the Season 17 Elections, Kofi retreated to the Shadows.

Kofi Gildehaus is a mysterious and ancient figure who runs the Secret Base Teashop and Cafe, a comfortable bookstore and cafe within the Core. While Kofi's exact history is unknown, some speculate that they may be one of the Core Fae (an ancient group of Faeries who were some of the first to live in the Core) due to their alleged ties to the Wild Hunt. They are always knowledgeable about events in the Core, even about things they have no plausible way of knowing about. If there are secrets in the Core's history, they almost certainly know what they are.

Strategically, Kofi Gildehaus is a backup backup pitcher in the shadows.

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