Mindy Kugel (She/Her)


Mindy Kugel joined the Core Mechanics on Season 13, Day 64open in new window, after feedbacking with the Seattle Garages in exchange for Jaylen Hotdogfingers.

In Lore, Mindy Kugel has found a few different identities, but each shares the theme of a caring motherly figure. Sometimes she’s a teacher, a baker, an artist, a therapist, and more. Coming from another team herself, she’s usually the first to welcome a new transfer to the core mechanics with open arms.

In Strategy, Mindy Kugel is a very well-rounded player. She was originally a pitcher. She had limited success as a batter after an awkward reverb with Bottles Suljak on Season 17, Day 3 before returning to the rotation. After receiving an Underhanded item in Season 20, she was part of the trio that led the Mechanics to their second ILB championship. In Season 21 she was alternated and later returned to the lineup as a dinger hitting, base stealing machine and, despite being cursed with a theoretically unfortunate hitting statline, managed to be one of the best batters active that season.

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