Mira Lemma (She/Her)

Mira Lemma joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 as a batter. Mira retreated to the Shadows on Season 22 Day 2, in exchange for Shirai McElroy through Voicemail.

Mira Lemma is a resourceful Foundry Demon. She’s more recognizable for her prowess in chless-boxing than Blaseball. She’s a problem solver with strong mathematical talent as well as a passion for machining. Mira is fiercely protective of those close to her and considers the team her family.

Strategically, Mira Lemma was a consistent batter with well-rounded stats prior to her alternation during the Season 21 Elections. Currently she sits in the Shadows with high defense and a possible future on the mound, though needs a boost to either batting or pitching to help her keep up with the rest of the league.

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