Zoey Kirchner (They/Them); (She/Her)Soft Zoey Mini by ZweihawkeAcid Zoey Mini by Zweihawke

Zoey Kircher joined the Core Mechanics in Season 12 in the Shadows. During the Season 16 Elections, Zoey was traded to the Dallas Steaks in exchange for PolkaDot Patterson before being taken back by the Core Mechanics in the famous Zo-Yo of the Season 20 Elections.

In Lore, Zoey Kircher has two notable depictions: one is as a fiercely competitive female prodigy with a body of acidic slime and the other is of a young nonbinary humanoid with the features of varius other creatures in a body they bioengineered for themselves.

In Strategy, Zoey Kircher is a strong pitcher. They unfortunately had a stat decrease due to an allergic reaction to a peanut, but remains a solid contributor to the rotation.

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